Spring 2022 Course Information

We are happy to announce the 2nd round of “A Matter of Perspective” – an innovative multi-disciplinary course, combining art, science and engineering, allowing students to interact with their peers from other departments.  

This is a project-based course in which students from Computer Science, Architecture, and Mechanical Engineering will join forces in small teams and work throughout the semester on the development of a new concept that involves algorithms, coding, design, and realization through advanced digital fabrication tools. 

We aim for projects that will make the observers stop, scratch their head, and think. Some projects will have a clear functionality, whereas others will have artistic value while making use of interesting physical mechanisms or novel algorithms.   A selection of project ideas and directions will be proposed by the course staff at the beginning of the semester, but students are encouraged and expected to develop these concepts and introduce their own ‘twists’. 

The course will include tours of the fabrication facilities in different departments at the Technion, as well as frontal lectures about fabrication methods, geometry research, and more.

Creative and open minded students (both graduate students and advanced undergraduates) who seek to unleash their creativity  are welcome to register through course numbers 206822 or 236629.

List of potential projects in 2022:

Projects List


Lecturer: Prof. Gershon Elber – CS, Office room: Taub 429.

Lecturer: Prof. Mirela Ben-Chen – CS, Office room: Taub 426.

Lecturer: Yoav Sterman – Architecture, Office room: Amado 312.

Lecturer: Prof. Moran Bercovici – Mechanical Engineering, Office room: E 406.

TA: Haitham Fadila, Office room: Taub 425.

Lecture Hours:

Thursdays 8:30-11:30, Taub 6.

Additional Link:

The course page on Moodle.


The course is generously sponsored by the Technion Center for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing