The project’s goal is to create a half-transparent disco ball, that creates a water bubble illusion. The project is based on Stratasys printer abilities. The project pushes the limits of the new technology and tests that with light and reflection.

Project Pipeline:

  • Deep-water environment:‏

They choose to take a combination of two separate spheres.
The combination is meant to create a dynamic and “unpredictable” movement- more like nature.

  • Creating a prototype:‏

In this model, they wanted to examine the behavior of the material in combination with color and light sources, before printing our final model. The colors were defended in RGBA numbers while one of the channels defines transparency.

  • Slicing and Prinitng:‏

In order to print the model using an Additive Manufactring printer( Stratasys J55), they needed to slice the model into more than 590 pictures. The printer gets the files and builds the model layer by layer.

  • Polishing:‏

In order to produce transparency, they went to a polishing workshop- to find out more about this unique martial.

The steps are simple, but it requires constant work:

  1. Taking out the printed support part.
  2. Rubbing the parts using sandpaper sheets with five different levels of roughness under water.
  3. Applying polish ointment of 3 steps using drilling machine.
  • Polishing Results:
  • Final protoype results:

Final Project:‏

The product is a disco ball with the effect of deep-water flow. There are two spheres, a small one of the wavy outer surface, and a bigger one made of colorful lenses. Both are made using ‘Stratasys’ printer – J55. The base of the lamp was made in a small 3D printer out of white PLA.


  1. Printing using AM printer:

2. Polishing:

3. Assembly:

Final project work process